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Managed IT Services

At WE KRAZY, we’re not just IT experts – we’re your strategic partners in harnessing technology for success. With our comprehensive Managed IT Services, we care for your tech needs so you can focus on what you do best. We’ve got your back, from seamless network management to proactive cybersecurity and round-the-clock support.

IT Services that fits your needs

We aim to alleviate the technical burdens, freeing you to focus on vital business matters and utilise your time more effectively.

Experience peace of mind and unparalleled efficiency as we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape together. Choose WE KRAZY and embrace the future with confidence.

Our IT managed services

Managed Network Services

As a leading managed network provider, we specialise in connecting geographically dispersed locations and enabling your team to access your network remotely confidently. We deliver a broad range of network services, all meticulously designed to meet your specific connectivity needs.

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Managed Cloud Services

As your organisation evolves, so will your applications and data, requiring leveraging the right platform at the right time. Our managed cloud portfolio includes colocation, private and public infrastructure, and platform solutions, allowing your organisation to migrate and transform across the technology stack. You are fully supported by an experienced and certified provider and backed by service agreements aligned with your availability requirements.

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what you get

How we work

We engage closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals at We Krazy, crafting tailored solutions that drive success. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, we provide comprehensive support, innovation, and partnership every step of the way.

Our typical project flow includes the following stages.

Initial Consultation & Discovery

Needs Assessment: Understand the client's unique business needs, goals, challenges, and existing infrastructure.

Technology Evaluation: Analyse the current technology landscape and identify areas for improvement or transformation.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with key stakeholders to align expectations and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Strategic Planning & Solution Design

Custom Strategy Development: Collaborate to create a tailored strategy that aligns with business objectives.

Solution Design: Craft personalised solutions using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Risk Management: Assess and mitigate potential risks associated with the planned approach.

Implementation & Deployment

Project Management: Utilise project management best practices to ensure smooth execution.

Technology Integration: Seamlessly integrate new technologies with existing systems and workflows.

Quality Assurance: Conduct rigorous testing to ensure solutions meet quality standards. Training: Provide training to staff to ensure smooth adoption of new technologies or processes.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

24/7 Support: Offer round-the-clock support for any issues or questions.

Regular Maintenance: Schedule periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Performance Monitoring: Monitor system performance to detect and fix any issues proactively.

Security & Compliance

Data Protection: Implement robust data protection measures, including encryption and firewalls.

Compliance Audits: Regularly assess compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards.

Threat Monitoring: Proactively monitor and respond to potential security threats.

Creating Success

Discuss your managed IT services challenges with an expert

Enterprise Communication and Collaboration

Today's communication transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing instant messaging, video, and web conferencing. Our managed services unify these channels, enabling geographically dispersed teams to collaborate effortlessly. Leveraging cloud telephony, we connect individuals across multiple devices. Whether connecting with colleagues, customers, or partners, we make communication seamless. Transform your business interactions with our innovative solutions.

IT security solutions

Protect your organisational reputation and revenue by ensuring the integrity and privacy of critical data with our IT security solutions. We provide robust security for your infrastructure and systems, monitoring environments to maintain peace of mind. Our tailored approach ensures consistent security policies across your estate and endpoints. With a focus on safeguarding your vital assets, we're committed to being your trusted partner in cybersecurity. Secure your future with us, where your security is our priority.

IT Professional Services

We empower our customers to make informed IT decisions, tailoring digital infrastructure to align with priorities and desired outcomes. Whether refreshing your network, deploying new applications, or uplifting communications, we provide the guidance you need. Our customised roadmaps ensure you maximise the return on your IT investment. Partner with us to transform your technology landscape and drive success. Your vision, our expertise, a winning combination.

Our values

Core Values & Partnerships

As a managed service provider, every partnership is built on core values. Our commitment to integrity, collaboration, and reliability forms the foundation of our service.

Close Relationships

We foster close relationships with our customers, from account managers to service delivery managers. Each connection is nurtured with attention, understanding, and trust, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Redcentric Standard

Our team operates according to the Redcentric standard, embodying our dedication to excellence. This consistent approach across all levels ensures a managed service you can rely on, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your success.

FAQs about our IT services

Managed IT Services refers to the outsourcing of your IT operations to a third-party provider. This includes monitoring, managing, and maintaining IT infrastructure, applications, security, and other technology needs. This allows businesses to focus on core functions while enjoying professional, cost-effective IT support.

By utilizing Managed IT Services, your business can achieve higher efficiency, better scalability, and improved security. These services can provide access to cutting-edge technology and expertise, enable cost savings, and help you maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Managed IT Services typically include network management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, disaster recovery, helpdesk support, hardware and software maintenance, and more. Services can often be customized to fit specific business needs.

Managed IT Services ensure that your technology runs smoothly and efficiently, enhancing the overall experience for your customers. Fast response times, reliable systems, and seamless interactions all contribute to increased customer satisfaction.

Yes, reputable Managed IT Service providers adhere to strict security protocols and comply with relevant regulations. They use advanced security measures to protect your data and systems and can assist with compliance needs.

Pricing for Managed IT Services can vary based on the selected services, size of the business, specific needs, and other factors. Many providers offer tiered packages or customized plans to suit different budgets.