Bespoke CRM

Optimise operations for exponential business growth and efficiency

Infinite benefits arise from choosing bespoke options.

Seeking bespoke software development in the UK? Let Krazy enhance your business with streamlined, automated processes. Our tailored solutions eliminate manual tasks, allowing you to prioritize crucial aspects such as resources, capacity, and ROI.

A Data Driven Growth Agency

Tailored answers for exceptional outcomes.

At We Krazy, our foremost commitment is assisting clients in attaining their aspirations. We take immense pride in guiding you towards success by providing dedicated support and innovative solutions.

Restructuring grounded in thorough analysis.

Before we intervened with businesses, they relied on highly manual operations: jotting down quotes by hand, manually sifting through databases, and physically delivering paperwork. These methods were arduous, time-consuming, and prone to miscommunication. We revolutionise the entire paradigm.

Inventory Control and Customised Portal Solution

We create a centralised hub for businesses to manage their inventory. The system was intelligent, linking product prices to individual customers and generating quotes seamlessly. Additionally, our tailor-made portal automates paperwork duplication, generates and integrates invoice files into the business accounts system overnight, and generates purchase orders from these invoices.

Streamlined Automation of Business Operations

Furthermore, the system we design to generate dashboards presenting this data. This empowered management to effortlessly supervise businesses’ complete workflow and departmental advancements. Thanks to We Krazy’s personalised CRM software, companies eliminate the need for laborious manual procedures.

Our automation enhanced the business’s efficiency, amplified capacity, and elevated productivity. 

The benefits of Bespoke CRM

Exclusively tailored to your unique enterprise

Crafting a customised portal to match your company's requirements ensures efficiency and user-friendliness.

Smoothly integrate with existing systems and databases

You can integrate custom CRM development seamlessly into your existing systems, leveraging your current knowledge without starting anew.

Enhance operational efficiency

With all information consolidated in a unified system, you and your team can swiftly access required data without searching multiple databases or systems.

Accelerate advancement with greater ease

When expanding your business, utilising tailored application software allows swift and efficient training of new team members, getting them up to speed promptly.

Eradicate human mistakes

Crafting a customised portal to match your company's requirements ensures efficiency and user-friendliness.

Facilitates seamless business succession

Many are tied to a business due to vital operational knowledge. Structuring it ensures seamless transfer, securing ongoing success.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Bespoke CRM (also known as custom CRM) is a tailored or custom-built CRM solution designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of a particular business or organisation. It is developed to address unique workflows, processes, and data management needs.

An off-the-shelf CRM is a pre-built software solution that offers general features suitable for various businesses. On the other hand, a Bespoke CRM is custom-developed from scratch or tailored to an existing CRM platform to match the unique requirements of a specific company, industry, or workflow.

Bespoke CRMs offer highly personalised features and functionalities that cater directly to your business processes. This can increase efficiency, streamline workflows, better customer insights, and improve user experiences. It can also adapt as your business grows and changes over time.

Custom solutions often involve higher upfront costs due to development and design efforts. However, over the long term, the increased efficiency and improved processes can lead to a higher return on investment (ROI) than standard CRMs.

The development time for a Bespoke CRM can vary significantly depending on the complexity of your requirements, the availability of resources, and the development team’s expertise. It could take a few months to a year or more to fully develop and implement a custom CRM solution.

Features can range from essential contact and lead management to advanced capabilities like integration with existing systems, custom reporting, automation of specific workflows, data analytics, and more. The features are designed to align with your business needs.

Yes, a Bespoke CRM can be integrated with your business’s other software tools and systems. This could include marketing automation tools, accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and more, allowing seamless data exchange and improved overall business operations.